Save the Date

Photography & Film Save the Date Ideas

It's so important to give your guests plenty of notice before your wedding to ensure they can all attend. It has become increasingly popular to share a Save-The-Date announcement. This can be done in a number of really creative ways, our favourites being photography and film based. 

Save The Date Film

Save the date films are increasingly used as a precursor to the more traditional and formal invite, and they are a creative way to ask your guests to keep your date free. Once you ask this with a Save the Date you can rest easy and focus on ironing out all the other details that need including on your more formal invitations. 


Save The Date Photography

There are a number of ways to incorporate beautiful photography into your Save The Date announcement. We offer relaxed couple photography sessions that can be used in a number of ways to announce your date.

Have a look at our couple photography page to get a better idea of what these shoots are like.