Weddings by KARA is now on Bloglovin'

If you are planning a wedding and are reading 20+ different blogs a few times a week for ideas etc... you NEED to get a bloglovin' account. 

Bloglovin' is a fabulous new platform that lets you know when your favourite blogs post an update.

It allows you to choose whether you want to be emailed every time an update is posted, or once a day with a summary of all posts. 

Or you can choose to turn emails off and just login to bloglovin and see your feed as you might in Pinterest. 

It is a well-designed (Swedish) uncomplicated platform that will make subscribing and collating blog information SO much easier. This is never more applicable than for brides planning their weddings and looking for inspiration and wedding ideas online. 

We have just signed up, so you can follow our blogs via bloglovin' by clicking below. :)

Happy Easter Monday!