The Singing Priest a Welcome Surprise......

Taking the world by storm Fr Ray Kelly aka 'The Singing Priest' has gone viral with his rendition of Hallelujah. The Irish priest sang the Leonard Coen song at the wedding of Leah and Chris O'Kane in his parish of Old Castle and the video has had almost 9,000,000 views to date. The people of New York City's 'Times Square' were also treated to the performance as it played out on a large screen in the Big Apple. 

Weddings by KARA would love to be present at more 'Singing Priest' weddings, so if you are getting married soon and are opting for a church wedding maybe it's time to start dropping hints to the parish priest!

If you haven't seen it already go to and type in 'The Singing Priest', it's a welcome surprise :)