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How to Look Great in your Wedding Photographs


Weddings by KARA understands how FABULOUS you want to look in your wedding photos. So much preparation goes into the look and feel of the day and many couples feel nervous at the prospect of their wedding photographs. After hundreds of weddings, we have gathered a few valuable tips from our brides. Below are 6 tips on how to look truly STUNNING in your wedding photographs :)  

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Tip 1


It may sound simple but finding a dress that you are comfortable in is one of the most important factors in looking good on your wedding day. No matter how much you want a dress, if it is in any way uncomfortable do NOT even consider it. Find a dress that suits your shape and ask friends and family to take photographs of you in it from every angle possible before you purchase. This ensures you know exactly how you look and move in the dress and you will be surprised how confident this can make you feel in your photographs on your wedding day. Also ladies, make sure your groom feels comfortable too, a well fitted suit with plenty of room makes a huge difference to your wedding photography.

Tip 2


Have a make up trial!! Especially if you plan to do anything different to your usual look. Get your makeup artist to do a trial run and then take photographs of the make up in both indoor and outdoor natural lighting. Photographs can highlight bad makeup lines so it is important to stay as close to natural as possible. Try to avoid fake tan and embrace your natural skin tone. Instead, work on blending your skin tones so you have a beautiful natural glow that will shine through in all your wedding photographs.

Tip 3


Remember that it is your wedding day. You should hopefully feel full of love and happiness :) Try to forget about all the details once the day starts and trust that all will work to plan. When couples really smile and express their true emotions the camera captures the most beautiful images. If you are anything like me you may worry about the lines near your eyes or if the camera is at the correct angle but trust your photographer. Don't worry and just beam, smile and be yourself because true beauty will always shine through a photograph with real emotion.

Tip 4


Lets face it, Irish weather is not predictable in the middle of any season so don't get caught out and be prepared for all eventualities. Especially when it comes to your photographs, be sure to think about all weather scenarios. A good photographer will usually have a variety of options lined up for all types of weather but always ensure the bridal cars have umbrellas, spare jackets and towels. The last thing you want to do is get caught unaware and jeopardise your wedding photos. Also remember that rain doesn't mean no outdoor shots, have fun with it and embrace the day!

Tip 5

Engagement Shoot

Weddings by KARA highly recommends you book an engagement shoot with your photographer before your wedding. This ensures you get a practise run with the photographer and understand how they work and what way you like to be photographed. It also gives the photographer a good idea of your energy around the camera so they can adjust their style to suit how you feel and ultimately get the best shots on your wedding day :)

Tip 6


Remember the reason you are documenting your wedding day is to create everlasting memories of a day when you and your family are all together. Your wedding photographs are something that will be treasured for years to come by children and grandchildren alike. I remember combing through my parents' and grandparents' wedding albums and what I saw was style, beauty and happiness. So relax and enjoy your day with your loved ones. Remember when you are happy and you show it, every single photograph will reflect that and you will not be disappointed :)

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